Taidea 180/600 Whetstone

Taidea 180/600 Whetstone
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A sharpening stone or a whetstone is a perfect choice for people who want to have full control over the sharpening process. Manual knife sharpening on a sharpening stone is the traditional way that has been used for centuries, or even millennia, and has proven itself. Sharpening on whetstones can even be relaxing - a good way to get one's mind off the daily routines.

In our webshop, you will find a wide spectrum of grits.

Grit below 300 - Repair of the cutting edge, chip removal, re-profiling
300 to 600 grit - Pre-sharpening, evening out the blade after coarse sharpening
600 to 1000 grit - Sharpening
Grit above 1000 - Finishing and refining the cutting edge

Measurements: 180x60x30 mm
Rubber base is included.