Boker Plus Bit Pen

Boker Plus Bit Pen
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David Cyr and Kevin Passon are known far beyond the borders of their home countries for their exceptional, highly practical tactical pens. And also the Boker Plus Bit-Pen primarily serves as a high-quality writing instrument, but convinces with a useful additional function. The short grip body is made of lightweight aluminium and houses a bit holder which is hidden under the upper cap. The practical bayonet mechanism is also absolutely convincing, which significantly increases the ease of use. For writing, there is no need to unscrew a cap or unscrew the refill. The Boker Plus Bit-Pen also counteracts the annoying clicks of nervous users of plastic ballpoint pens with the rich sound of the bayonet catch, which is made completely of metal. Thanks to the stable clip, the Tactical Pen always remains within reach. It is compatible with the Lamy refill M-22 and is delivered with a double-sided Torx bit (T6 and T8).