Spencer Frazer founded SOG Specialty knives as a tribute to a highly classified US Special Ops unit in Vietnam. This special ops unit, known as Military Assistance Command, Vietnam - Studies and Observations Group, MACV-SOG, carried a unique combat knife on covert missions, thus giving way to the birth of SOG specialty knives. Although no single knife can suit your every need, SOG Specialty Knives has a wide variety of survival knives to choose from. The SOG knife is the right tool to have with you if you want to live on the edge.

Feel like a member of the most specialized elite military groups in the world, The SEALs, by equipping yourself with an SOG Seal knife. Honoured as the Navy SEAL knife of choice and field-proven by US Special Forces, SOG Specialty Knives has a complete line of innovative tools. Designed and created in the highest quality, distinction and value, these knives strive to always define the leading edge of combat and survival.

An SOG survival knife might be the knife that best suits your needs. It will give you the freedom and confidence to demand the most, no matter the task or the location, and will be your steady companion in tackling life's everyday challenges.