Gude Fillet Knife 21cm

Gude Fillet Knife 21cm
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This series is named directly after Güde's founding patriarch, Karl Güde. These blades are forged from specially alloyed cutlery steel and feature cherry wood grip scales and a classic form. This is exactly how Güde knives looked when they left our factory more than 100 years ago – and ours today still cut just as fabulously!  The production of the finest possible handcrafted, forged cutlery is and always has been the driving philosophy of our company. For four generations the Gude family has neither compromised on nor wavered from this credo. Today Gude is proud to continue the centuries old tradition of quality knifemaking for which the town of Solingen is justly world famous.

The Karl Gude Filleting Knife.

  • Blade Length: 21 cm
  • Total Length: cm
  • Type: Chef's Knife
  • Blade Material: forged cutlery steel, stainless
  • Grip Scales: Cherry Wood