Boker Plus Oval Moon

Boker Plus Oval Moon
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Innovation meets industrial charm - Darriel Caston has always known how to design knives with a strong character that are far removed from the usual conventions. The compact Boker Plus Ovalmoon Swivel is no exception and can confidently claim to have the right knack. The knife is opened and closed by turning the two halves of the handle, which are then reconnected at the end of the handle by a magnetic lock. The sheepfoot blade with a chisel grind is made of high-strength D2 and is ideal for the smaller cutting tasks of everyday life. The two differently coloured handle halves are made of aluminium and have a non-slip texture reminiscent of textured sheet metal, which is often used as a base plate in the industrial sector. The distinctive recess in the handle reduces the weight and makes it easier to operate the clever folding mechanism.

Overall length: 11,6 cm
Blade length: 4,7 cm
Weight: 34 g
Blade thickness: 3,0 mm
Blade material: D2
Handle material: Aluminium
Designer: Darriel Caston
Lock: Faltmechanismus