Herold Solingen Strop Paste in Tube - Red 602

Herold Solingen Strop Paste in Tube - Red 602
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Sharpening your straight razor with this Red Strop Paste in a Tube. The fine/medium grain paste will assist in restoring the edge on a mildly dull straight razor. When used correctly, it can reduce the number of times that a razor needs to be honed. To be used with either a hanging leather strop (not your daily ‘everyday use’ strop), handheld leather strop (green leather side) or handheld leather and honing stone strop (leather side only). Only use on a strop reserved for that specific purpose and dedicated to that particular grit of paste.

- Red Strop Paste in a Tube
- fine/medium grain
- used for sharpening your straight razor
- apply stropping paste around once every year to get the best results
- Do not mix two different pastas in the same settler

Made in Germany

Other Paste descriptions:

Color Yellow, Application: Leather care, Grinding action : Low
This paste is used to keep you strope flexible and smooth. There is no grinding effect with this paste.

Color Red, Application: For red leather sides, Grinding action : Medium
The paste has a fine grind and is used to sharpen the blade.

Color Green, Application: For green leather sides, Grinding action : Great
The paste has a stronger grind than the red paste and is used to sharpen the blade.