Marttiini Visatake Birch

Marttiini Visatake Birch
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It all began in 1928 at the land of dark Arctic winters and the midnight sun, when a blacksmith Janne Marttiini decided to establish knife factory to Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland.

With the user in mind, he began to create beautiful, high quality utility articles to be used in the harshest conditions imaginable.

But don't let its beauty fool you. The moment you put one to a test, you're convinced it is the perfect tool for your need. You feel the sensation of natural materials like leather, curly birch, reindeer antler, and of course the ultra sharp blade always made from finest steel.

Marttiini knives are still manufactured at the Arctic Circle. Today they are a combination of generations of craftsmanship and modern technology that create knives that are not only sharp, but also perfectly represent the beauty and toughness of the North. They're called "puukko" – the Nordic knife. 

This is a heavy, full-tang knife for the serious outdoorsman or bushcrafter who uses their knife heavily and demands superior performance and durability.  The handle is curly birch side-riveted to the generous tang.  The blade is thick and strong, and lightly etched with the Marttiini logo.  The side-stitched sheath is made from a gorgeous reddish-brown leather that almost seems to glow, is stamped with the Marttiini logo in gold paint, and features a loop and snap to keep the knife securely in place while running, jumping, etc.  The sheath also has a partial insert to protect both the sheath and the hand from getting sliced by the knife if it is inserted incorrectly.  The belt loop is attached with a metal ring, which allows for more flexibility and keeps it out of the way while sitting and crouching.

Knife Length: 9.75"

Blade Length: 4.25"

Blade Width: 1"

Blade Thickness: 0.14"

Knife Weight: 8.3 oz.

Handle Length: 5.5"

Pommel: full tang

Handle Circumference: 3.25"

Handle Material: riveted curly birch

Sheathed Weight: 10.65 oz.

Sheathed Length: 10.5"

Belt Loop: 1.5"