Proyan 400-1000 Whetstone

Proyan 400-1000 Whetstone
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Large, double-sided whetstone for sharpening and maintaining the edge of knives and tools. Grain size: medium to fine. After use, the stand can be used as a practical storage box, in which the diamond stone cleaner can be placed in addition to the whetstone.

With the help of the included accessories (stand, diamond whetstone cleaner, edge holder assistant), even those less experienced in sharpening can achieve excellent results.

Contents of the set:

  • 1 large, two-sided whetstone (20 * 7 * 2,4 cm )
  • 1 grindstone stand / grindstone storage
  • 1 non-slip rubber sole
  • 1 diamond stone cleaner

What sharpening tasks can it be used for:

  • #400 grit – A medium-coarse whetstone, which can be used to repair minor cuts and chippings on the edges of knives and tools, as well as to restore the edge angle. It is recommended to start sharpening knives and tools with blunt or slightly damaged edges with this whetstone. With its use, a completely new edge can be formed, and a medium amount of material is removed in a relatively short time. It creates a good base before applying fine grinding stones. The size of the abrasive particles of the noble corundum (aluminum oxide) of the grinding stone is approx. 40 microns.
  • #1000 grit – A medium-fine whetstone, which is one of the most generally recommended and most versatile whetstones for sharpening and maintaining knives and tools that have dulled, lost their sharpness, but are in basically good condition. With its application, we get a very usable edge, which solves general cutting tasks very well. It creates a good foundation before the further application of extra fine grinding stones. It is very dull, but in order to repair damaged blades in particular, it may be necessary to use a coarse or medium-sized whetstone beforehand. The size of the abrasive particles of the noble corundum (aluminum oxide) of the grinding stone is approx. 16 microns.


  • Its large size and extra large working surface (20*7 cm) lay the foundation for its versatile use, even for larger, longer blades.
  • The whetstone stand removes the whetstone from the work surface during use, making sharpening more precise and convenient. When not in use, it can be used as a cleaning storage box for the stand, whetstone and diamond whetstone.
  • The anti- slip rubber sole helps prevent the whetstone from moving on the work surface during sharpening (if used without a stand).
  • The diamond whetstone cleaner helps to maintain the efficiency of the whetstones, as it can be used to easily remove the small metal particles that may be deposited on the surface of the finer whetstones during sharpening, thereby easily refreshing the surface of the whetstones.
  • The whetstone is made of the highest quality aluminum oxide (also known as noble corundum), which is the hardest grinding material after diamond, so sharpening efficiency is guaranteed.

About the manufacturer:

TAIDEA, as one of the world's leading manufacturers of whetstones and sharpening tools, in addition to using premium quality raw materials, also pays special attention to the use of the highest level and most modern production technology, continuous research and development and quality assurance that meets the strictest international quality standards. Many patents can be linked to the manufacturer, innovation is particularly characteristic of their operation.


Place the pumice stone in water before use, soak it for approx. Always keep the surface wet for 10-15 minutes and then during use (the water should stop on the surface). During use, do not press the blade with great force on the whetstone, as this may result in damage to the whetstone and the edge. This is a premium quality whetstone, it is not necessary to apply a lot of pressure for sharpening efficiency. After use, rinse the pumice stone thoroughly under running water, then let it dry completely at room temperature (this can take up to 1-3 days). We recommend its use primarily as a water whetstone, but it can also be used as an oil whetstone, but if it is used once with oil, it can only be used with oil in the future. In most cases, the non-slip rubber base/holder provides adequate grip on the worktop, but at the same time, if justified